Why Invest in Student Property?

Student property is one of the only asset classes that continued to grow positively during the 2008 economic downfall proving it is a very resilient sector, outweighing even residential property in times of hardship. The absence of second home stamp duty on any student investment also means investors are not faced with sky rocketing taxes that have become common with buy-to-let properties.

Rental returns are far higher than the majority of investment options - providing up to 10% NET rental income as well as being asset backed with potential for capital appreciation, this is the perfect source of additional income on a regular basis, a pension, a safety net for your children and much more.

The UK education system is first class and this is reflected in the growing number of students placed for higher education in the recent academic year from the UK and abroad. This extraordinary demand for places shows no signs of slowing down meaning that universities across the country now face the difficult task of housing the rising number of students. In some areas, the number of students being able to access purpose built student accommodation is as low as 25% meaning 3/4 of students have nowhere suitable and struggle to find suitable housing, this in turn correlates to the evidence that any student investment is likely to be 100% occupied at all times.

Have a look below at some of our opportunities to purchase a student property, all individually sourced to provide you with the highest possible income as well as the best locations nationwide for student demand...

The Mill

Prices From £95,000
8% NET For 5 Years
Leading Developer

Trippet Court

Prices From £64,950
8% NET for 5 Years
Fantastic Location

The Printworks

Prices From £63,000
On-Site Gymnasium
3 Year Rental Guarantee

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